​Glass tile jewellery- more than just paper! Quick, Easy, Stunning!

​Glass tile jewellery- more than just paper! Quick, Easy, Stunning!

Posted by Kylie Fitzgerald on 21st Apr 2014

Glass tile Jewellery.  Using a nice piece of japanese paper and a glass tile you can amazing pendants quickly and easily. 

So let me help you getyour creative juices flowing.

First off lets start with good ol' glass tiles and paper. This is about as easy as it gets to make GREAT LOOKING PENDANTS. Then we will work on variations in future posts. (Hint, photos or nail polish give fantastic variations.)

1. Pick you paper. I LOooove to use yuzen japanese papers. These are a fabric paper, which basically means that they have a very fibrous quality to them. If you were to try and cut them with a hand punch, you would not get the clean cut of normal paper. You get more of a torn look with straggly fibres hanging out the edges. But don't get discouraged, these papers absorb Diamond glaze beautifully and work great with glass tiles. You can also use scrapbooking papers, however I don't recommend card stock (to thick), or magazine pages. (More on that below).


2. Apply Diamond glass to the flat side of the glass tile. On oval tiles this is easy to figure out. But some square tiles look the same on both sides. Just pick the side of the tile that is going to be the back and apply the glaze. Remember the saying "not to much and not to little"? Well this is same for applying glaze. The glaze needs to be spread out over the entire tile, thinly.

3. Now push the glaze side of the tile down onto the paper where you want the image showing through. Push firmly. Leave to dry.

4. Once the glaze has dried, it is time to trim the edge of the paper. Take a SHARP pair of scissors and cutting at an angle, trim the paper as close to the glass as you can.

5. Seal the back of the paper with another layer of glaze.

6. Now you have three options for finishing the tile.

a. Apply nail polish to the back of the piece. Once the nail polish is dry use a strong glue like aradite to adhere a bail.

b. For added protection add a layer of resin to the back of the tile. While this is drying you can push in a bail. When the resin has fully cured the bail will be secure.

c. Using a strong glue such as aradite, E6000 or hypo cement glue the tile into the appropriately sized bezel setting.

7. Add chain and you are done!

Note: If you would like to use magazine paper or a photo printered on a bubble jet printer you will need to use Modge Podge to seal the paper first. (Magazine paper often shows the images from the reverse side through the paper.)

However if you print your photos at Officeworks or on a Laser Jet printer, you DON’T need to seal the image.

Have fun Crafting!